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Hualapai Mountain Park Activities

Hualapai Mountain Park offers 10 miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians to enjoy. Situated atop the Hualapai Mountain Range, the trail provides spectacular views of the desert and the mountain ranges in the distance. Construction of the trail system began as a result of The New Deal, which put millions of Americans back to work following The Great Depression. Planning began in 1936 and construction started a short time afterward by the Civilian Conservation Corps with oversight by the National Parks Service. While on the trail, users may experience mid to upper elevation habitats, unique geological features, and a variety of wildlife species. Remember, please be courteous to other trail users and enjoy your visit.

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Daytime visitors can reach cool mountaintop conditions in minutes from the arid desert lands below. Hualapai Mountain Park offers the perfect picnic setting. Bring the family and friends and spend a day amid the grandeur of the Hualapai Mountains.


Hualapai Mountain Park has access to literally hundreds of miles of trails suitable for ATV travel.

The park constructed a trailhead for this purpose which is suitable for small to medium size groups that offers an unloading ramp, parking and campsites that give direct access to the trails. Rides begin in the cool pines and you can tour several routes including the Goldking Mine Mansion, Wild Cow loop and Boriana Mine trail that spans over 40 miles of mountains!

Call ahead for availability and to check local riding conditions.

Disc golf enthusiasts can enjoy a challenging 9-hole course located in the beautiful pine trees and rugged terrain of Deer Canyon within the park. This course was built in 2010 by members of the Kingman Disc Golf Club for all park guests to enjoy.  Bring your discs, hiking boots and picnic baskets for this course!

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Hualapai Mountain Park was first developed during the early 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The roads, trails, picnic and camping areas, along with the stone cabins and pavilions, are still much as they were 50 years ago, helping to give the park it’s own unique and solid character.

The name Hualapai means “Pine Tree Folk,” and is derived from the name of the Indian tribe that once called these mountains home until they were relocated by the military in the 1870’s.

The total beauty, character and history of Hualapai Mountain Park cannot be fully expressed in words – it is something that must be experienced. Bring your family and friends for a truly wholesome adventure of outdoor fun.